Welcome to the Papio blog! We'll be showcasing all the great things Papio Cloud Software has to offer as well as tutorials, examples, and best practices. We'll also be using this platform to post notifications about changes/updates to our products, new features, and general communication. In this post, we'll be talking about Papio Pipelines, our flagship Jenkins as a Service App available in the GitHub Marketplace.

Papio Pipelines

Pipelines is a Jenkins-as-a-Service offering for GitHub Marketplace that brings the Jenkinsfile build format to GitHub as an alternative to static, yaml, configuration offered by others. Jenkinsfiles provide a dynamic configuration that supports full scripting (using Groovy run in the Jenkins Groovy Sandbox) using Scripted Pipelines or partial scripting with Declarative Pipelines. Configuration as code is important for consistent, repeatable builds and having the power to write code within your configuration file reduces the headaches of static configuration that tries to mimic code.


To get started with Pipelines, follow the Marketplace link and select Set up a Plan.